Your donation helps us to lessen the impact of poverty on the lives of the 50 plus in Montreal Centre-West.

CANADAHELPS.ORG is a non-profit that will assure your privacy and security.  They process online donations for thousands of Canadian charities, and thanks to their size they negotiate lower credit card and banking fees, ensuring that more of our donations go directly to supporting our programs rather than to administrative expenses.

If you would prefer to mail in your donation, download and print our donation form and we will mail you a charitable receipt for any donation made of $10 or more.

Consider making an In Memoriam donation or honouring a loved one who is celebrating a special event such as an anniversary, birthday, marriage or birth of a baby.

Corporate Philanthropy

If you work for or own a community-minded company that has a corporate giving program please call the EMC at 514-487-1311.

Many companies have employee-giving programs with funds designated for community organizations. In order to participate in these programs check with the human resources department in your company. If your company doesn’t have a Giving Program please consider asking your employer to start one.